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MediZen is Columbus’ premier medical spa, focusing on advanced, non-surgical treatments and medical aesthetic procedures. Our goal is to provide the best in cosmetic and internal patient care, working with you to find the best pathway to you looking great, feeling better, and living well.

At MediZen we utilize evidence-based practices as a foundation for providing you with high-quality care and support. How you look on the outside can dramatically change how you feel about yourself on the inside. That’s why we offer our clients access to a full range of beauty and aesthetic treatments, to ensure you look and feel great. Learn more about our products and services that help you thrive.

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We believe in natural results that don’t look overdone. But don’t just take our word for it.

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If you’re an existing client, you can order or reorder your preferred products directly by clicking the link below. If it is your first time on, you will have to select MediZen Institute as your preferred spa.


Featured Treatments

Neuromodulators and Wrinkle Relaxers

Anti-wrinkle injections reduce the appearance of frown lines, and other wrinkles by relaxing specific muscles, leaving you with a more contoured rested appearance. They can also be used to ease excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) in the underarms, scalp, hands and feet, ease and prevent migraines and TMJ (jaw pain), as well as sculpt and slim down facial contours.

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Dermal Fillers

Injectable fillers are the most popular non-surgical augmentation treatments for plumping up lips, lifting cheeks or eyebrows. The treatment helps restore youthful volume and diminish facial lines, while contouring the skin and adding definition to these areas.

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PDO Threads

PDO Threads

Looking for a non-surgical way to lift and tighten their skin? Medi Threads are PDO (Polydioxanone) absorbable threads that can provide instant lift to the cheeks, eyebrows, neck and jawline.

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Diamond Glow™ and Pollogen Geneo+ 3-in-1 Superfacial

Nourish your skin from within and experience the unparalleled exfoliation benefits of microdermabrasion to amplify the health and radiance of your complexion.

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Lumenis Center of Excellence Laser Procedures

Whether you want to resurface uneven skin for a fresher look or regenerate collagen and elastin fibers to smooth out deeper wrinkles, Lumenis™ family light base and energy devices can help personalize results to help address specific complexion concerns and achieve your aesthetic goals.

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MediZen Medical IV Therapy

Nourish your body and clear your mind with IV therapy. Using prescription therapeutics available only to licensed physicians, our team can customize a hydration regimen for you. We have solutions for post-surgical wellness, athletic performance, hangover recovery or simple hydration. With over 20 years of expertise in treating HGH deficiency, we can assess your need for HGH replacement therapy. We offer a variety of testing and treatment options including IV stimulation therapy and prescription medications.

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Body Sculpting

MediZen Weight Loss and Body Sculpting

Weight loss is not rocket science… it’s much more complicated! Our endocrinology and obesity medicine certified physicians collaborate on customizing a global plan to reduce your weight, remove stubborn pockets of fat and sculpt a healthier version of you. We utilize CGM monitoring, hormonal analysis and genetic testing of your nutrient requirements to create a customized eating and supplement plan just for you. If you have stubborn fat that just won’t go away, we offer a range of services to eliminate it safely and non-surgically.

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Tattoo Removal

NEW: Clean Canvas Initiative with Evolved Body Art

Our brand new, best-in-class Tattoo Removal PIQ04 by Lumenis in partnership with Evolved Body Art. We’re excited to offer best-in-class laser tattoo removal from the trusted medical experts at MediZen. Our state-of-the-art laser system is quick, easy, and effective to give you a clean canvas for your next piece. To learn more about the Clean Canvas Initiative visit here. Book your first consultation here.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

The MediZen team really listens to their patient’s needs and desired outcomes. The Dysport injections have given me a smoother, wrinkle-free appearance while maintaining a totally natural look.

I was blown away by the service I received at MediZen. I’m no stranger to medispas and have to say that the advanced technique used by NP Chalie O’Brien and owner Dr. Maggi to take years off of my appearance is unparalleled. The truth is yes, you can go anywhere and have filler and Botox put into your face, but this is the only place in central Ohio where you have passionate experts working to optimize your appearance and tailor your treatment to what YOU need. It’s not a one size fits all that’s the big difference in their approach.

MediZen is exceptional! I’ve been to multiple medical spas in California and never had such a positive experience — not even close! Everyone was so kind and patient, and every single procedure was explained thoroughly.


The staff was so professional and informative it made for SUCH a comforting experience. They take into account the symmetry of your face and really take the time to perfect the procedure to enhance your natural beauty in a tasteful manner. I can’t speak enough wonderful words about Dr. Maggie and the entire staff at MediZen! I’m absolutely obsessed with my results and you will be too!


MediZen is the only place I trust. Dr.Maggie and her staff take the time to explain everything and answer all of your questions. She truly does what is best for her clients. Remarkable work!

Kristy Y.

I look 10 years younger, totally refreshed and that, in turn, makes me feel 10 years younger. As testament to this, I went to my normal plastic surgeon for a visit and he couldn’t stop talking about how good I looked. Dr. Maggie takes her time with each patient and easily communicates the long term plan. Five stars all the way!

Dr. Maggie is an expert, able to combine science, vision and art for maximal results. I look forward to a continued relationship with her and the professionals she works with. Thank you all for always giving stellar care.
MediZen and the doctors there offer a premier level of anti-aging, skin care and aesthetic needs! MediZen is more than your average plastic surgeon or aesthetician office — the doctors are artists who have mastered the craft of making men and women look and feel their best on a more natural level! I highly recommend MediZen to everyone who is wanting to improve their appearance, defy aging and add an extra level of beauty to their lives!
It was evident that the health of their client’s skin was a priority and their passion is in making others be the “best version of themselves!” My injector, Chalie, was kind and made me feel comfortable while receiving my treatments. Their professionalism is outstanding. If you need help with your problematic skin and maintaining a healthier, more vibrant version of yourself, I would highly recommend Medizen!

Our Team

Our staff has decades of experience in the aesthetic industry with industry-recognized certifications and accolades. We are committed to using cutting-edge technology and best-in-class practices driven by continued education to offer the best treatments in the world.

Magdalena Gasiorova, MD
Magdalena Gasiorova, MD
Dr. Gasiorova specializes in creating an unparalleled vision for her clients working to match their inner health with their outer beauty.
Elena A. Christofides MD, FACE
Elena A. Christofides MD, FACE
Dr. Christofides opened Endocrinology Associates in 2000, specializing in diabetes, thyroid disorders, hormone therapy, weight management, and clinical research. She also offers transgender and transitional care services for the LGBPTQA community.
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