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Excellence is more than a choice – it’s a way of life. Whether an athlete, CEO, philanthropist, or beyond, consistently looking for creative ways to grow is in your DNA. As top performers in your field, you recognize the importance of utilizing the best resources to set you apart from the pack. Here at MediZen, we have what it takes to get you that extra edge on the competition. Once you’ve arrived at the top of your game, that 1% more can make all the difference. Through our personalized coaching and tailored health/wellness plans, you are able to exceed the already-high expectations you set for yourself over and over again. How do we know? Because we specialize in that extra 1%.

Featured Services


Endocrinology Associates is an adult-only specialty practice under the direction of Dr. Elena A. Christofides. She is a recognized expert in diabetes, osteoporosis, hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, polycystic ovarian syndrome, pituitary disorders, male and female hormone replacement, infertility, transgender therapy and thyroid disorders.

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Performance Medicine

Performance Medicine by MediZen is the most integrated, data-intensive pathway built to optimize your daily performance. Developed by internationally renown physicians, our plan offers hyper-personalized testing, analysis, and performance plans built just for you. No added frills, and no unnecessary touchpoints.

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Weight Loss

We offer comprehensive weight-loss support and treatments plans including the analysis of secondary causes of obesity, prescriptive diet and exercise, and recommendations for related specializations. Accountability and clarity are what matters most, and MediZen is here for you.

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Why? Because you deserve to be Well.

At MediZen we utilize evidence-based practices as a foundation for providing you with high-quality care and support across all treatments and services. MediZen Health offers a variety of services from endocrine support to weight-loss counseling.

Our greatest differentiation is our integrated medical approach. We lean into science, data, and research to get you beyond trends and fads. Our expertly-curated treatment lineup is built to complement and support every personalized pathway that our clients take toward their goals.

Health and Wellness services are currently exclusively offered at our Short North location.

Hormone Therapy

We are a proud ally of the LGBT community offering compassionate transgender care.

Our Team

Our staff has decades of experience in the aesthetic industry with industry-recognized certifications and accolades. We are committed to using cutting-edge technology and best-in-class practices driven by continued education to offer the best treatments in the world.

Elena A. Christofides MD, FACE
Elena A. Christofides MD, FACE
Dr. Christofides opened Endocrinology Associates in 2000, specializing in diabetes, thyroid disorders, hormone therapy, weight management, and clinical research.
Magdalena Gasiorova, MD
Magdalena Gasiorova, MD
Dr. Gasiorova specializes in creating an unparalleled vision for her clients working to match their inner health with their outer beauty.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Years ago a doctor told me I shouldn’t train for a marathon because it would be too much wear and tear on my body. Dr. Elena told me our bodies are made for running and she could help me manage my diabetes with it. Elena’s Elixir was fantastic for helping me fuel well and keep my blood sugars within range and without causing it to run high during/after the trainings and on race day. She advised me through the entire process so that I’ve successfully completed three marathons and countless half marathons now. Truly grateful for her support.


Dr. Elena is always available to evaluate my concerns, review questions I have on supplements for my workouts, offer up-to-date advice on the latest fitness articles I see and generally manage my health. I am so grateful to have her in my corner!


As someone who is not diabetic, having the chance to wear a Continuous Glucose Monitor and see the way individual foods impact my blood sugar has been so helpful in managing my diet! We should all have the chance to see the way we eat changes the way our bodies work.  I love that Dr. Elena is always willing to use the latest and best technology to help me perform and feel my best.


It’s been absolutely eye-opening to see data specific to my body and metabolism! I have always been curious about the science behind how my body operates and the CGM combined with Dr. Elena’s expertise gives the most complete picture I could ever imagine. Can’t recommend highly enough!


As a patient with multiple hormonal deficiencies, it was difficult to find an endocrinologist who was knowledgeable enough, or cared enough to properly treat me and follow my care. In less than a year of treatment, following years of being sick, I feel better than I ever have before. Dr. Elena is so smart, up to date on her research, and at each visit asks how I feel before anything else. She and her staff are easy to reach and prompt.


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